Solar F.A.Qs

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We understand that the process of switching to solar energy can be difficult to understand. This is why we have created a list of commonly asked questions to help make the process easier. Our experts are here to help you be confident in your decision to go solar with Clean Skies Technologies.

How long is the solar installation process?

With most companies, from site survey to solar panel activation can take anywhere from three to six months. At Clean Skies Technologies, our average is four to eight weeks. 

Solar panel installation
Solar Panel Installation

Should I finance my solar system?

That depends on your situation. If saving money right away is a priority for you, financing eliminates the upfront costs of solar energy, allowing you to pay less than your current energy bill right away. If long-term ROI and savings are what you’re looking for, paying for your system upfront might be the best option for you.

Does homeowners insurance cover solar panels?

In most cases, your current homeowner’s insurance policy already covers solar, even though your home value increases. Our solar consultants are experts at building custom solar plans for your home and will be knowledgeable about your situation.

Is going solar actually good for the environment?

Yes! Solar panels have a serious positive environmental impact. Solar panels produce energy without the need to burn fossil fuels such as coal, oil, or natural gas to create greenhouse gasses. Instead, solar panels harvest the most abundant resource in our galaxy, the Sun.

Do solar panels save money?

Solar panels can save homeowners and businesses tens of thousands of dollars over their lifespan. In fact, with the $0 down ownership program offered by Clean Skies Technologies, most homeowners can start saving money during their first month of going solar!

How long does a solar battery last in a blackout?

Solar batteries can last indefinitely during a blackout when paired with panels. As long as your solar panels are still producing energy and you are smart about when to use it, you can keep using the electricity you produce. 

How much can I save with solar?

Saving with solar all depends on your situation! Some homeowners can save even 70% on their current energy bill with solar energy! Others however can’t save money at all. Signs that you won’t be able to save very much immediately include: average electricity bills of less than $40/ month or being completely surrounded by trees. Some signs that point towards being able to save include: using a lot of electricity, living in states with high local incentives, or a lot of sun! Want to know an estimate of how much you can save? Find out here!

Solar Energy saving
Savings after choosing solar energy
Clean Energy
Clean Energy
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