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Why Clean Skies Technologies?

Well, there are so many reasons, it would be easier to write the opposite version of this blog post!! In fact, let’s start with that…

Why WOULDN’T you go solar with Clean Skies Technologies?

First and foremost, we can only work with qualified homeowners! Unfortunately, if you are not the homeowner or property decision maker we are currently unable to perform a solar installation. If you have a good relationship with the homeowner, we can absolutely work with you and involve you both in the money-saving process! 

Next, if your energy bill is lower than $50 per month in most states, you may still be eligible to save money and can definitely still add value to your home, but your immediate savings will not be at the optimal 20-30% we like to offer! Do still get a free consultation! That pesky inflation doesn’t stop, and neither do the rate hikes from your local utility monopoly! 

Finally, you would NEVER go solar with Clean Skies Technologies if you despise the environment AND cringe at the thought of saving money. We don’t run into this one very often, but if this sounds like you, then our mission may not benefit you in particular, and that is okay! We only transition homeowners to renewable energy when it makes sense for them, and their home!

Now onto the main event! Why are so many homeowners choosing solar energy with Clean Skies Technologies? How have we maintained a 5-star rating with hundreds of happy clients? What makes us so special? Just keep reading. You’re about to find out how the Clean Skies approach has revolutionized the solar industry and is headed for greatness! 

Clean Skies Technologies was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who worked for a larger solar company. They noticed many issues with the quality of service and company culture, so they created Clean Skies Technologies with the mission to save the planet and genuinely help homeowners make the seamless switch to energy freedom! That means no more renting from your utility monopoly, no more pushy salespeople, and no more waitlists for poor quality service. 

Solar Panel Installation

We’ve partnered with local, five-star installation companies to bring the utmost in quality and client satisfaction. It’s not easy to make everyone happy always, unless you’re us!! We value each and every one of our clients and are always available to help set you up with the right plan for your home! And to make the pot even sweeter, as if helping the world wasn’t enough, you can start saving money right away with our zero down ownership program. Yes, you read that right, no need for installation fees! Our many financing options completely eliminate upfront costs, so you can convert your high and rising energy bill to a low and fixed payment that will never go up, all while adding value to your home! Homes with solar panels installed are not only worth an average of 4.1% more according to Zillow, but they are more attractive so they sell faster! Seems too good to be true right? Well, it’s good AND it’s true. The only thing keeping you from making your future even brighter is you! Schedule a free consultation with one of our many professional energy consultants and invest in your future today!

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Why do we continuously get 5-star ratings from all of our clients? Because we are here for you and strive to make each and every customer feel satisfied! So many well-known brands, like Tesla, are struggling to find the balance of providing adequate customer service and instead, figuring out how much they can rip you off. This will NEVER be your experience when choosing to go solar with Clean Skies Technology. 

Quick question… Who doesn’t want to help the environment? I imagine if you are reading this, the environmental benefits of switching to solar energy is something you are passionate about! Some of these environmental benefits include helping fight climate change and reducing air pollution! More environmental and public health benefits can be found here

But onto the next question… Who doesn’t love to save money? Let’s be real, we all want to help the environment. However, if we can save thousands of dollars doing so, doesn’t that just make you want to switch to solar even more? With Clean Skies Technology, we promise we will give you the best quote possible! There is no doubt that Tesla is a well-known company, however, why pay more to switch when you can pay significantly less for the same quality panels and better customer service? With Clean Skies, there are no extra or random fees you will have to pay unlike with other solar companies. Ultimately, it is our mission to help the environment, and you! Helping as many people happily switch to solar energy will not only help you but also the planet one step at a time. 

Every day we are helping more homeowners and businesses switch to renewable energy. The switch is difficult and not always the easiest. We understand this! This is why our solar experts are always here to help! Don’t figure this all out on your own. Your time is valuable! Schedule a consultation any day, call or text a representative today, email any time! We are always replying as soon as we can! It is our promise that we will help you feel confident in making the switch to solar energy with us!


Hedging Against Inflation

Everyone likes to save a little bit of money! Whether it’s waiting for that dollar per pound discount at the store, driving extra miles to a cheaper gas station, or waiting for that new movie to come out on dvd (or Netflix), it’s actually amusing finding ways to save money. Whenever we can save twenty cents on gasoline per gallon on our journeys across the country, we are thrilled! When avocados are two for one this week at the market, we’re having guacamole while we make custom solar proposals baby! And of course, when we can save homeowners money right away with the zero dollar down solar ownership program offered by our company, Clean Skies Technologies, we jump up and down because we care about you. 

Solar energy has continued to get cheaper in the last decade, and it was only recently that the benefits of going solar really made sense technologically. Photovoltaic system design improvements and construction features for efficiency have made solar energy way less expensive in recent years. Clean Skies Technologies is proud to partner with quality local installers to offer a zero down ownership program, helping save even more money by eliminating upfront costs, with many financing options! And, government solar incentive programs have made it even better for homeowners! 

But, what if we told you that saving money right away when our local, five-star installers get your sleek solar panels up and running is just icing on the cake, the cherry on top. Your savings with solar energy this year will not be the same savings next year! 

Silly question, but how much did gasoline cost when you started driving? It sure has gone up, hasn’t it? And if you could have bought up truckloads of that one dollar gasoline and stored it conveniently for later use, would you? Heck yeah! 

No matter where you live, the price of traditional energy continues to rise. Your electricity monopoly is the exact same, with annual rate hikes. Over the lifetime of your warrantied solar system, you’ll watch as your friends’ energy bills rise at exorbitant rates annually, while you can rejoice for having made the seamless transition to a low, fixed solar payment that will never go up! Even though your solar system could be saving you twenty to twenty-five percent right off the bat, in five years, your savings will be eye-catching because the cost of traditional energy is still going up. In ten years…twenty years…wow you’d think this would only come in a dream!

Local Solar Installation Companies vs Most National Companies

Clean Skies Technologies was founded by gentlemen who have worked for larger companies and pinpointed inconsistencies with the quality of national service. We truly do believe that establishing relationships primarily with local, five-star installation companies for maximum quality and customer satisfaction is the way to go! We’ve built fantastic relationships with many installers across the U.S, making our clients a valued name with Clean Skies Technologies, rather than just a number in the system. 

First, let’s talk about most national companies. Companies like Tesla and Sunrun have undoubtedly done a great job creating a name for themselves. With huge marketing budgets, many expendable resources, and lots of bargaining power, larger solar companies have made the market for solar distribution competitive. The reason these larger solar distributors can compete with Clean Skies Technologies is that they’ve been around for a while, so people hear the name Tesla and assume they’re signing on to a quality agreement. What the big companies don’t tell you is that the installation process is terrible, homeowners are placed on a waiting list for many months and even years in most cases, and you will always have trouble getting a hold of them with questions. And to make matters worse, people wait forever to be delivered sub-par service! Take a moment now and go research those two companies on google….crazy right!

Solar Energy

The Clean Skies approach is a much better one. We act as a liaison between qualifying homeowners and quality local installers, connecting people exactly like you, who are definitely paying too much on their monthly electricity bill, with the companies who can change the course of your next couple decades financially and environmentally. Your seamless switch to solar energy with Clean Skies Technologies offers clients comfort at every step. We are consultants, not salespeople. We are excited to answer questions, have discussions with our clients to fully understand how to best assist, and to build strong and lasting relationships with many happy homeowners. And when you find reviews about Clean Skies Technologies… all five stars baby! Remember, your future is bright with Clean Skies Technologies. Become a part of the future and schedule your personalized solar proposal today!

The Ownership Program Explained

Why did you choose to own your home? Exactly, you want to stop paying a landlord and start putting money towards something you actually own so you can put the value back into your own hands. The exact same applies to energy. Currently, you rent your energy from your local utility monopoly at high and rising rates. With the zero-down solar ownership program with Clean Skies Technologies, you’ll be putting money toward something you actually own for no upfront cost to you. Add value to your home and save money simultaneously, all while escaping from the demands of your energy company. We partner with quality financiers to get qualified home and business owners the best rates on a solar loan. These payments are almost always significantly smaller than what the utility company charges for the same period, and there won’t even be a lien on your home.

Government Incentives

The United States in recent years has recognized the numerous benefits of converting to solar energy. They’ve sued utility monopolies for not offering enough solar programs, they’ve placed quotas on residential solar installations and most importantly, they offer a tax credit of 26% of the cost of your solar system. Many states have additional benefits too, making it more affordable than ever before to go solar. The utility monopolies, of course, do not want you to know about this! Once enough people have made the switch to solar, local governments and utility companies will cut back on their solar incentive plans so they can keep making their money. The government recently extended their solar incentive program, but only for two more years! The benefits will continue to be pulled back until they’re gone altogether. Because of this, more people will go solar in the next two years than in the last forty years combined. 

Our mission at Clean Skies Technologies is to inform homeowners of their opportunities with solar and to encourage them to take advantage of the peak level of solar benefits that has ever been seen in the history of this country. Solar energy doesn’t make sense for everyone, but it’s our mission to raise as much awareness as possible.  We want the homeowners who would benefit from having lower bills with solar energy to be properly accommodated. It can’t hurt to know your options! If you’re considering making the switch, get in contact with us today to hear more about your future with solar, so you can see how to save money and add value to your home!

Find out more about what your state provides in regards to incentives and policies! 

Environmental Impact

Creating the energy that is used every day by billions is slowly destroying our atmosphere and planet. The release of gas produced by burning fossil fuels creates pollution which has harmful effects such as causing acid rain, depleting our ozone layer, causing and worsening ongoing lung/heart complications, and accelerated eutrophication (nutrients mixing with water sources in a very large, damaging amount). Because of how harmful these fossil fuels are to burn, it’s logical that a switch to alternative energy sources is necessary, and since solar is the most cost efficient, it will soon be on every house in America. Basically, you’re saving the planet, one panel at a time. Since solar panels were created, a lot of research and time has gone into making photovoltaic system technology very efficient, as well as aesthetically attractive for a home. Your decision to go solar with Clean Skies Technologies is amazing for you, and the environment.

 Find out more benefits here!


What To Expect? The Future of Solar Energy

There is no doubt that many people are making the switch to solar energy. But how many people will continue to hop on this trend? How fast will it continue to spread?

As of today, it isn’t unusual to see homes with panels on their roof anymore. In fact, we see it more often than not in certain areas around the world! While it used to just be clean energy enthusiasts who installed solar panels to their homes, we have seen a switch to more people installing panels as a form of investment

In just a decade, solar energy has come a long way. Back in 2010, the market for solar panels was extremely limited. Prices were very expensive and only a few families in certain countries were able to get the panels installed on their homes. This has changed drastically over the years. To put it into perspective, in the just the last year, more solar panels were installed to homes than all other generation technologies combined in the last decade. Crazy right? 

Solar Energy Savings

In addition to more access to solar panels, they have also widely decreased in price. Essentially, it has become the lowest-cost option of clean energy, which is great for people who want to help the environment and save money! From 2008 to 2020, the prices actually decreased by a whopping 80%! However, this is not likely to last. Although the prices of solar panels will continue to drop in the future, government incentives will unfortunately not be in place. Even if you wait to install solar in the future, the price of solar will certainly not make up for missing out on the solar investment tax credit. The tax credit is something that can be very beneficial and should be taken advantage of as soon as possible! Don’t wait and miss out on this great investment opportunity! 

So what does the future look like? We believe that solar energy will be unbeatable in regards to cost compared to other fossil fuels giving more people the incentive to make the switch. In addition to this, given that solar energy is quick, easy, and flexible to install, there is no doubt that solar energy will be the future of our country. Because of this, or environment will continue to benefit, and slowly, we will create a better future for us and further generations! 

Need A New Roof? Bundle It With Solar!

To take further advantage of the federal incentives, many homeowners decide to bundle a roof into their solar installation.

We’ve expanded our business to include roofing services because we want to offer homeowners and businesses the most convenient and seamless transition to solar imaginable. If you only need a roof, schedule a call with us to get your free roof inspection and quote! 

If you are reading because you are interested in solar AND need a new roof, this is for you! When you include your new roof in your solar package, you can take advantage of the federal tax credit associated with going solar, and use financing options that will allow you to start saving money right away with our $0 ownership program! The average homeowner saves enough going solar over the life of one solar system to pay for the roof and then some! Kind of like getting a completely new roof for free, all you have to do is start saving money and helping the environment with solar and the roof is just a plus! At Clean Skies Technologies, we guarantee our roof installation projects for 10 years! That means that anything other than an act of God (natural disaster etc) is fully covered! That’s just one of our many company guarantees, read more in our section on Warranties and Guarantees! 

Regardless of your roofing needs, our trained consultants are ready to answer any questions you may have about your new roof options and going solar. Schedule a free consultation call today to learn more! Thank you for choosing us, your future is bright with Clean Skies Technologies! 


Going Solar For Your Business

Imagine all the incredible benefits of residential solar, the $0 ownership program, the 25 year production and manufacture guarantees, environmental benefits, the tax credit, and the incredible money saving potential, but all applied to your business! 

With direct contact to our project managers to answer all your questions, flexible lease or cash payment options, and the expertise of our incredible local partnerships, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Today is the day to become an informed business owner and consider your options with solar! 

Qualifying businesses are going solar all over the country not for environmental reasons, but because solar makes financial sense! The cost of solar energy has fallen below the cost of traditional energy from almost any local monopoly, and the U.S and individual states are incentivizing current homeowners and businesses alike to go solar with large tax credits now! 

Read our sections Hedging Against Inflation, Plan for a Power Outage, and Our Guarantees to further understand why businesses are converting to solar. 


An Emphasis On Local Partnerships

Local partnerships are very important to the mission of Clean Skies Technologies. Our local solar and roofing installation partners ensure that every single homeowner or business owner we work with has a pleasant and seamless transition to solar. The solar market has its variations from state-to state, so local partnerships also ensure that each of our clients across the country have an experience that exemplifies our standards of professionalism and quality service. Our partners have satisfied hundreds of homeowners with their fast installation times. The local expertise coupled with the incomparable customer service, communication and schedule flexibility offered at Clean Skies Tech makes for a combination that’s pleased all of our clients and earned us our 5-star rating on Google. We are thankful for all of our partners because they help us accomplish our mission to keep the skies clean and the future bright!

Plan For a Power Outage

One of the common misconceptions about solar energy is that it automatically makes you fully energy independent. While going solar does liberate you from having to rent your energy from your local utility monopoly at high and rising rates, you will always have to pay a connection fee to be attached to the grid. The utility monopolies still have some control over the energy usage and distribution in their respective areas. Connection fees are fairly small in most states, and you still save money going solar regardless of the fee. Because you always have to be attached to the grid, if there’s a power outage, you will also be affected. 

The solution to this is simple! If you live in an area where power outages are common, consider adding a backup battery to your solar system! These allow you to store energy to be used in any instance you don’t have power or need additional energy! Battery options vary, as does the pricing.  They can be added to your solar lease plan and they count for tax credit. Fully charged batteries can power your home or business from a couple days to multiple weeks, depending on how many batteries you install, your battery type, energy usage, insulation efficiency etc. 

Ask your representative to show you battery options when you schedule your free consultation appointment! 

We Might Move Soon. What Should We Do?

This is a complicated question because situations will vary from homeowner to homeowner. We want you to be informed, so here is everything you should consider before making the final decision.

First, consider how long it will be until you move. If you are moving within the next year, it may make the most sense for your family to install solar with us at your new home! If your move won’t be for a couple years, the immediate money savings along with the associated home equity increase would be worth saving yes to solar! 

Second, consider if you’re in a neighborhood or area where the addition of solar panels would help you sell your home. According to Zillow, most homes with solar energy are more attractive to potential buyers and sell faster. 

Lastly, consider how you would choose to handle the financials. You could pay off the entire system and increase the asking price for the home accordingly to reflect your investment in solar. The second option would be to transfer the solar payment contract to the new homeowners, so they can pick up where you left off and enjoy saving money and the environment. 

We are here to answer any questions you may have and explain your options even more. Set up a call with a representative today to find out more!

Our Warranties and Guarantees

  • Manufacture warranty- for 25 years, Clean Skies Tech will take care of repairing or replacing and mechanical or electrical issues with your panels to ensure they are running smoothly over the life of your system. Anything that isn’t an act of God is fully covered. This ensures that you never have to perform any management or upkeep on the panels at all! 
  • Production Guarantee- We guarantee that you will produce enough or more energy to meet your energy needs. If after the first year you are not making enough energy with solar, we will come back and add more panels for free! Our 25 year production guarantee ensures that you will be making enough energy over the life of your system to eliminate your existing electricity bill. If for any panel-related reason you don’t produce enough energy, we will come back and repair everything for free and as part of the guarantee, we will pay your remaining utility bill so you can be sure you will never pay your local utility monopoly again. 
  • Roof- of course most people choose to install their solar panels directly on their roof, so Clean Skies Tech has a 10 year roof warranty to ensure security related to any installation malfunction. 
  • Workmanship- although not often, mistakes do happen. If one of our installation partners happens to misperform in a way that damages any other part of your home, we will repair or replace any damages for 2 years after your installation if it’s a direct result of installation malpractice.


We want it to be an absolute no-brainer to go solar, and with these warranties we are able to provide an unmatched sense of security during your transition to solar energy.