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Clean Skies Technologies is leading the country to a future of clean and sustainable energy. Our mission is to help convert homeowners and small and large businesses to solar energy. Helping the environment by encouraging more families to switch to renewable energy is the main part of our mission. However, helping families and businesses save money is something we take pride in as well. Every day, we are reminded of the pressing challenges in our world such as climate change and energy security. Our goal is to continue to deliver solutions to these challenges and create a better, more sustainable energy future. 
Solar panel Job

Sales Representative

At Clean Skies Technologies, you will feel valued, equal, and challenged while working alongside many young and older professionals who are eager for change. We treat everyone as equals. No matter your skin color, gender, appearance, etc, we are here to help you succeed just as any other individual. It is our utmost promise that you will be treated fairly and respectfully by every individual within our company. 

 Our company values teamwork in which we believe is a huge part of which leads to success. Every employee is given the opportunity and tools to succeed and grow within the company. 

Hard work is important! This is why we believe it is important to have fun as well! We participate in many events together as a team including small events such as team meals, to bigger events such as Lakers Games. In addition to this, every year our company offers the chance to obtain a luxury vacation trip out of the country for high-performance and hard-working individuals. This year, our company is excited to announce our upcoming trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico for team members!

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Installer

Our company shares strong relationships with 5-star installers across the country. We would be happy to refer any hardworking individual to a contractor within your area!


Solar Install

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